Adding Portraits to Portrait Auto Flow Pages

You may discover that you are missing student or staff portraits on pages. New photos can be added to the correct section in Portrait Auto Flow and the portrait pages will automatically update to include the new photos.

1. Go to the portrait page where the photo needs to be added. Select Portraits.


2. Portraits editing options will open. Click on Add/Edit Portraits. 


3. You will see all of the portraits currently in the section. Select Add Portraits.


4. Select Where Your Photos Are:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • My Computer - Select if you have not uploaded the photo to TreeRing
  • My Photos - Select if you have already uploaded the photo to TreRing
  • My Likes - Select if you have "Liked" the uploaded photo
  • Shared Photos - Select if someone else has uploaded the photo
  • Portraits - Select if you are moving or copying a photo from another portrait section

Note: You can also access Portrait Importer from here.


5. Find and select the photo. Select Add Photos.


6. Add the student's name if it is missing. Select Done.


7. Close the Add Portraits box and the photo will be added in alphabetical order.


You can change the order of the portraits if needed.

Changing the Order of Photos on Portrait Auto Flow Pages




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