Portrait Importer - Importing Portraits with Portrait Auto Flow

Use Portrait Auto Flow to import your student and staff portraits. Your portrait pages can be created in minutes!

Note: If you have downloaded the portrait files from your photographer you must unzip the files prior to using the Portrait Importer. This article will help you unzip the portrait files:

Unzipping Portrait Files

Here are the steps for importing your portraits.

1. Log in and select Portraits.


2. In Professional Portraits, select Import Photos.


3. Read the information on the Portrait Importer screen. Click on Select Folder to find your portrait files.


4. Select the root or default folder and Upload. (This is the main folder that contains the Index file. Do not select the Index file.)


5. You will see how many files will be uploaded. Select Upload.


6. Select how you want to organize your portraits. You can choose By Grade, By Teacher, or In One Group.


7. You will see the status of the portraits uploading.


8. When all of the portraits have uploaded, select Continue.


9. The default photos per page when importing portraits is 30. You can change the page layout now or after the portraits are placed on pages. You will see how many portraits are in a section and how many pages are needed for all of the portraits. You can edit the name of the section and view the portraits.   Select Done when you have made all of your selections.


10. The Portrait Auto Flow pages have been added to your yearbook. (New portrait pages are added to the book. When using Portrait Auto Flow, the portraits will not flow onto previously created pages.)

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