Fundraiser: Adding Amount and Check Distribution

You can add an amount to the cost of the yearbook to be used as a fundraiser.

Note:  The fundraiser amount cannot be less than $1.00 per book ordered.

1. Log in and select Yearbooks and Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Settings. In Price you can add, remove, or edit the fundraiser amount at any time. You can also see the history of the fundraiser changes.



3. The fundraiser amount is collected for the school on all online orders placed before the Delivery Date in your Dashboard. A running total of the fundraiser amount collected can be found on your Dashboard. You can use your collected fundraiser to place orders, pay for expedited shipping, and pay an invoice. The available fundraiser amount will be reimbursed to you as per the selections you make when setting your book to Print Ready. The check must be payable to the school or the PTA/PTO and will be sent within 1-3 weeks after your Delivery Date.

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