Designing a Cover for Softcover with Hardcover Upgrade Option

TreeRing gives schools the option to have softcover be the defaulted cover but allows parents/students to upgrade to a hardcover when they purchase their yearbook.

This is a cool feature, but creates a bit of a design challenge. The softcover front + back + spine is a bit smaller than a hardcover, therefore, TreeRing shows the trim lines for both the softcover and hardcover books.

When you select the cover to edit, you will see this informational box.


Red dotted lines have been added to show what will be printed on a softcover book. The entire cover displayed will print on hardcover books. When designing the cover on TreeRing or in another program, make sure the design fits within the printing areas.

Tips for Designing a cover outside of TreeRing for a SOFTCOVER with HARDCOVER UPGRADE:

  1. Design the cover for the hardcover layout dimensions. This article will show you the specific spine size dimensions for your number of pages:
    TR5 Cover Page Spread Size Dimensions and Resolution Specifications
  2. Make sure any text on the spine fits on the narrower softcover spine
  3. Make sure there is enough content to cover the wider hardcover and no important content is lost on the narrower softcover
  4. Consider using Left aligned text or graphics to avoid the content being centered on one cover, but not the other


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