Buying Books For Teachers

As a Chief Editor you can order yearbooks for teachers.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select People and Teachers & Others.


Ordering a yearbook for an individual teacher

1. Click on the cart in the Buy column in their name line.


2. Who is Making this Purchase? Choose who should receive the email receipt and select OK.


3. The book has been added to your cart. Select Checkout Now to continue to pay for the book.


4. Review your cart to make sure the order is correct. Select Checkout.


5. Select your payment method - Credit Card, Check, PayPal, or Invoice. You can also pay with your collected fundraiser.


Ordering yearbooks for multiple teachers

1. Select the teachers in the list. If you are ordering books for every teacher, select the top box to automatically select every teacher in the list.


2. When all of the teachers have been selected, select Purchase Softcover or Purchase Hardcover in Actions. (You will only see both cover options if you are doing a Softcover book with the Hardcover upgrade.)


3. The teachers' books will be added to an invoice. Select View/Pay Invoice if you want to pay for the books now or select Close to pay the invoice later. Remember that all invoices must be paid before you can set the book to print ready. 


4. The View/Pay Invoice selection will take you to your Invoice Orders. You will see the orders for the teachers you selected. Review the orders to make sure they are correct. You can cancel the order if needed.

Here is how to pay your invoice.

Paying Invoices




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