The Difference Between Chief Editors and Staff Editors

You can have different levels of editors on your yearbook team.

Primary Chief Editor:  One Chief Editor who is the first point of contact for TreeRing.  We will contact this person if there is an issue to be discussed.

Chief Editor:  Chief Editors have access to: Yearbooks (Status, Settings, and all editing capabilities) and Editor Tools (Checklist, Org Info, Promote, People, and Orders). Since a Chief Editor has access to everything, the person should be an adult.

All Chief Editors can create Photo Folders (Editor Only and Shared Photo). They can also delete these photo folders. Chief Editors can move photos to Editor Only and Shared Photo folders.

Chief Editors can add Notes to pages.

Staff Editor:  Staff editors only have access to editing yearbook pages. Staff editors, by default, can edit any page unless Restrict Editing is turned on and they are assigned to particular pages. This role is great for students.

All Staff Editors can create Photo Folders (Editor Only and Shared Photo). They CANNOT delete these folders. Staff Editors can move photos only between Editor Only folders.

When a Staff Editor is assigned to portrait pages they will have access to the edit portrait capabilities.

Staff Editors can add Notes to pages.

Restricted Staff Editor:  Same as a Staff Editor except they are only allowed to add content to the yearbook pages. They can type into existing text boxes and drag and drop into existing photo boxes. This is ideal for young students or when Chief Editors want to really control the exact layout of the book.

Restricted Staff Editors do not have Photo Folder capabilities except for uploading photos to the folders.

Restricted Staff Editors can add Notes to pages.



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