Adding Vertical Text to a Page

You may want to add vertical text to a yearbook page.


Adding Text to Pages

Adding vertical text with letters reading sideways

1. Add a blank text box or drag and drop one of the pre-designed text graphics onto your page. Type in the text and customize your text in Options in Text Options. 


2. Turn the text box sideways by using the rotation point located above the text box.


3. Use the page grid to make it easier to get your text into a straight position. Select Tools and then Grid to enable the grid.



Adding vertical text with letters reading downwards

1. Add a blank text box to the page. Add all the text, click between the letters, and hit Enter on your keyboard to move the letter to the line below. You will need to do this for each letter. You can also hit Enter after typing each letter to move it to the line below.

Note: The text box may bleed off the page as you are making these changes, but once completed you can move your text box back onto the page.



2. You may need to adjust the size of your text so the textbox does not bleed off the page. When the text box is correct, click on it to drag and drop it to any location on the page.






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