Setting Default Styles: Themes, Margins, and Page Numbers

You can select and change the theme of your yearbook and set a margin default. You can also enable page numbering and select the default for the numbers.

1. Select Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Style. Select Edit for the feature where you want to use a default setting.


You can:

  • Change the theme of the yearbook
  • Set page margins
  • Set up automatic page numbers

Here are articles to:

Set Default Photo Styles

Set Default Text Styles

Theme: Choosing a theme will set the default for backgrounds, text, and graphics for your book. Pages are still 100% editable and themes can be mixed and matched. If you want to choose or change the theme, scroll and Select.

Note:  When changing your theme, the cover and backgrounds on all pages will change to the new theme. The text and graphics already added to pages will not change.


Margins: Turn on this feature to set a consistent amount of space around the edge and center gutter. This will not move anything you have already placed on the page. After you enable the margin and go to a page, you will see the margin will prevent content from being moved into the outside margin area. If you want to set a margin, make your selection and select OK.


Page Numbers:

If you want every page automatically numbered in the yearbook, turn on Auto Page Numbers. Select the font, font size, and font color. Select OK.




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  • Avatar
    Caroline Medlin

    We have already put in student photos and now I wanted to apply a theme for all the backgrounds. I see in the article that choosing a theme only affects new pages. Is there any way I can add all the backgrounds at once now that pictures have been added?

  • Avatar

    Hi Caroline - You will need to add the background to one page at a time. Here is an article for adding a background: