Moving Content Beyond the Edge of a Page (Bleed Area)

You have the ability to move content beyond the edge of a page. This feature allows content to "bleed" off the page.

The margins must first be turned off to be able to move content off the page. When the margins are turned back on the content will remain off the page but if it is moved, it will again be blocked by the margins.

1. In Edit Yearbook, select Style and Edit Margins.


2. Turn Margins Off and select OK.


3. With the margins turned off, content can now be moved beyond the edge of the page. Click on the content and drag it off of the page. Even with the margins turned off, you will see:  Warning - Your object is close to the edge/gutter and may be slightly trimmed during production.


Note: Having content in the bleed area is "riskier" from a print perspective and that is why our page editor tries to prevent content from being right on the edge of a page. Options for positioning content near the edge of a page:

  1. 100% on the page in the safe zone (Content is safe to print):  Drag to the yellow edge inside the page where the content is 100% safe.
  2. Safely into the bleed area (Content is safe to print):  Drag through the yellow edge so your content is .25" into the bleed area.
  3. Content right on the edge (Risk of print issues):  Use the arrow keys to move your content right to the edge. This has a print quality risk. If you select the item once it is in the yellow area it will jump back to a safe spot.

If you see a pink warning area around the edge of the page, it means that you have margins turned on. When you touch content that is in the warning area, it will "jump" back to the safe area. Select Change to turn the margins off so you can move the content beyond the edge of the page.




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