Alignment Tool - Snap to Object and Page

Use Snap to Object to align content on your yearbook pages.

1. While on a page spread, select Tools.


2. Select Grid.


3. Turn Snap to Object On.


4. Now when you click on an object on the page and move it near another object, red aligning lines will appear so you can snap it into alignment. In the example below, just by moving the top photo on the right side of the page, the top of the photo has been aligned with the top of the lion graphic to the left and the left side of the graphic below it. Click off of the object and the lines disappear.

Note: Snap to Objects will affect the resizing of the content on the page. It will try to snap the content to other objects which are nearby. If you are unable to resize the content, you will need to turn Snap to Object off.


Turn on Snap to Page in Tools and Grid to show you the center of the page.

1. Move a photo on the page and you will see the vertical and horizontal lines intersecting at the center of the page.





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