Adding a Photo As a Page Background

Photos can be used as backgrounds for single pages, page spreads, and the cover. The quality of the photo will determine how it will look as a background. If possible, make sure the photo has the following dimensions so you don't get the yellow triangle warning you that the photo may not print well.

  • One page - photo dimensions of 2850 x 2850
  • Page spread - photo dimensions of 4902 x 3124

1. Log in and select Yearbooks and Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Manage or Edit Book to go to the page.


3. Select the page to edit and then select Background.


4. Choose which pages should have the photo as the background: Both, Left, or Right. You have 5 options for the background: Border, Color, Pattern, Photo, and Template. Select Photo.


5. You will see the Photo Sources. Select where the photo is located.



6. Find the photo and click on it.


7. When you select the photo it will cover the page(s).


8. In Edit Background you can zoom the photo, or fade out the photo by adjusting the Visibility.





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