Adding New Pages to the Yearbook

You can add new pages to the yearbook at any time.


  • Only Chief Editors can add pages to the yearbook. This includes single pages and page spreads.
  • Adding pages can only be done when no other editors are editing pages. They can be logged in, but not working on a page. This is to prevent page errors with your book. Adding a single page can change the order of the pages in the book and change page spreads.

Adding Page Spreads

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Edit Book.


3. Select Add Page.


4. Select the kind of page you want to add.

Templates - Use the dropdown box to find different templates. If you have selected a theme for the yearbook, select All Theme Pages to see all the template pages designed for your theme.


My Pages - Filter the selections to find the pages you have created. You can also filter by the year, select what pages you want shown (normal or deleted pages), and search for pages.


Pre-Designed Pages - This is where you will find all of our pre-designed pages like the Year in Review and Best of the Year page spreads. The pages can be filtered by year.


5. Once you find the page spread you want to use, simply drag and drop it to where you want it placed in the yearbook.


Adding Single Pages

1. In Edit Yearbook, select Manage and you will see all the pages in the yearbook in order. Select Add Page.


2. Select from Templates, My Pages, and Pre-Designed Pages. Filter as per the steps above to find the pages you want to add. If you want to add only a single page, you will need to select the single blank page in Templates.


3. Drag and drop the page where you want it in the yearbook. When adding a single page it will move all pages after it down in the book and will break up current spread layouts. Select I'm Sure if this is okay or Cancel if you want to reconsider the location of the new page.


4. If the Custom Pages Placeholder was moved due to the addition of the single page, you will see this notification. Click Ok.





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  • Avatar
    Melissa Campbell

    I was adding pages in edit mode to our layout and received the "oops" error.
    I clicked out of add a page mode and tired to view one of the pages I added and then all the pages I had added from the 11,054 layout pages where deleted. I had added 20 or so pages, it put me over our 60 page limit so perhaps that created the error but in the past I would be able to add and view pages even if I was over my limit.
    I would really, really, really like to see the favorite and team favorite feature added back for the layout pages. I spent over 10 hours looking through all 11,054 pages, twice! If I had the ability to favorite them, it would have saved me a ton of time.

  • Avatar

    Hi Melissa - I am so sorry you are having issues with adding pages to your book. I see you have contacted customer support and we will assist you on your ticket. I also see that you have submitted a feature request for the capability to "favorite" pages. Thank you for your patience.