Sharing Photo Folders with the School Community

Shared Folders can be shared with others in your TreeRing school community. Chief Editors can share the folders using a shareable link to access the photo folder.

1. Log in and select Community Content.


2. Select Go to Shared Photos.


3. Select Shared Photo Folders.


4. Click on the folder that you want to share.


5. In Options, select Get Shareable Link.


6. The link to the shared folder has been copied to your clipboard. Select OK.


Now you can paste the link into a text, email, or in a printed newsletter.

Note: Only people in your school community who has a TreeRing account will be able to access the shared folder link. They will need to sign into their account to view the contents of the shared folder.

An easy way to share the folder link is to use the Write Your Own option in the TreeRing email system.

Sending a Custom Email to the School Community

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