Adding an Index of Students

The Student Index is a list of all the students who are tagged in photos and added to the yearbook.  We have an automated Student Index feature that allows you to:

  • View all of the students that have been tagged in photos. Note:  Students must be added to the school community and be tagged in photos that are in the yearbook.
  • View all of the students that have NOT been tagged in the yearbook. Note:  Students must be added to the school community.
  • Copy all of the text for the index and add it to yearbook pages.

To use the Student Index you must:

  1. Add Student(s) to the community
  2. Tag Students in Photos
  3. Upload Photos
  4. Add Photos to Pages

To view the Student Index:

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Settings and in the Student Index, click on View Index.


3. Filter by People in the Yearbook and select Download CSV File. You can then copy and paste the index into a text box on a page in the yearbook.

Note: You may want to use a new text box for each column of the student index.


4. Filter by People Not in the Yearbook to see students who do not have photos in the yearbook.






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