Print Ready - Setting the Yearbook to Print Ready

Whew! You have completed the yearbook! Congratulations!

Now you must go through the process to set the yearbook to Print Ready.

Setting the yearbook to Print Ready is the only way we know that your book is done and that it is time for us to move forward with printing your books.

Important! You must set your book to Print Ready or the yearbooks will not print.

1. Select Edit Yearbook.


2. In Status, move the Print Ready button from Still Editing to It's Ready!


3. The Print Ready Checklist will open to guide you through the Print Ready process. Scroll to see the sections in the checklist. Each section must be reviewed and approved to complete the print ready process.

  • Are all of your orders in? - This includes bulk orders and parent/student orders. If you need to order more books, click on Buy More Yearbooks Now. If you are sure all orders have been placed, select All My Orders Are In.
  • Where should we send your books? - Confirm the shipping address for the bulk shipment. Select Edit/Confirm Address.
    Confirm your shipping address and select Verify Address.
  • Need your books sooner? - If you set your book to print ready on time, the Free UPS Ground shipping to the school will work for you to receive the books on or before your delivery date. Select Edit/Confirm Shipping Method to choose the shipping method.

    If you are setting your book to print ready late and need your books in a short amount of time, you can expedite the shipping. Select Expedited Shipping Options to select and pay for the best shipping method for you. You can pay for the expedited shipping with a credit card, check, PayPal, or your collected fundraiser amount.

  • Are all of your pages approved? - Every page in the yearbook must be reviewed and approved. Select Review Pages to begin reviewing all of the yearbook pages.
    On each page you need to select I Confirm These Pages are Ready to Print.
    The section in the checklist will then change to All pages approved showing that the cover is approved and the total number of pages were approved. If needed, you can select Un-Approve All Pages. If you un-approve the pages you will need to go through this process again.
  • What should we do with your fundraiser? - You can request a payout for the fundraiser balance. Select Edit Fundraiser Details if you need to change the address for the check. Select Confirm Fundraiser Payout Details.
    Note: You can also use your fundraiser to purchase additional books or have it transferred to the next school year.
  • Invoices Paid or Are all of your invoices paid? - If you see Invoices Paid this means that you have no outstanding invoices. If you have ordered books with an invoice and you have not previously paid the invoice, you must pay it now before you can set the book to Print Ready. Select See Details & Pay Invoice to pay the invoice. You can pay the invoice with a credit card, check, PayPal, or fundraiser. If you need to discuss your invoice with us, click on Have a special circumstance? Contact Support for options.

    You Have An Outstanding Invoice! Read these invoice details and select Pay Now to pay the invoice at this time.
  • How do you want your books sorted? - You can have the books sorted by:  Alpha By Last Name, Grade Then Alpha By Last Name, or Teacher Then Alpha By Last Name. Make sure your selection is correct. Select Change if you want to change the sort order for the printed books. Select Confirm Sort Order.
  • You Have Unused Free Book Coupons - If you have free book coupons, you can Forgo My Free Books (decline to take them) or Order My Free Books (order standard school books). If you are a ship to home school, before you order free books during Print Ready, make sure the address is correct in Editor Tools > Org Info. This is the address where the free books will ship. Before completing the print ready process, change the address in Org Info to where you want the free books shipped.

    If you want to use a free book for a particular person at the school, you must go to Editor Tools and Promote to copy the free book coupon to place an individual order.
  • Ready to print? - When you have reviewed/approved/completed all the above steps you can now select the Print Ready button.
    Important -
    When you select Print Ready your book will begin the review process within the next 8-24 hours. You will receive an email with a Final PDF Proof. Review the proof and if changes are needed, select the Stop Everything button. Once the print process begins you will not be able to make any changes to your book.

4. If you are setting your book to Print Ready earlier than your All Pages Print Ready date you will need to decide if you want us to start processing the book immediately or if you want us to keep the original date to begin the process.


If you want the printing process to begin ASAP you will see that your All Pages Print Ready date and your Delivery Date have changed. Select OK.


5. Thank you for taking the time to complete our Customer Satisfaction Survey!


6. Sign Up for next year! Select Next after you have completed the form. If you want to wait to re-sign, select Not Now.


7. Congratulations! You will see confetti and the message You're Done! Select Finish after you have read the information in the box.

Note:  You must get to this box and select Finish to complete the Print Ready process.




















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