Review the Yearbook Before Setting to Print Ready

When you set the yearbook to Print Ready it means that everything is correct on all the pages and you are ready to have all the yearbooks printed.

Before you set the book to Print Ready you should review every page in the yearbook to ensure that it is exactly how you want it to print. Pay close attention to the little details that may be hard to see. Use as many of the free PDF Proofs to check for errors and to see how the pages will print.

1. Go to Edit Book and scroll to look at the overview of the entire yearbook layout.


2. Look at all the pages. Do you see any "Image Not Found" boxes? When you click on the actual photo the image is probably there. Delete the photo and then add it back to the page making sure the photo is showing on both the editing page and the overview page.


3. Click on the cover and continue to review each page spread.

  • On the cover, make sure the school name is spelled correctly and it has the correct school year
  • Make sure all photos are visible and not covered by other photos, graphics, or text
  • Look at the content with yellow warning triangles and move or correct the zoom
  • Check the content which is placed close to the edges of the pages. During the printing process pages will be trimmed up to 1/16". If necessary, move the content so it will not be cut off

4. Check for random text boxes and photo boxes. Editors may have added some and then forgot to delete the unused ones.


5. Review All Student Custom Pages.

Reviewing All Students Custom Pages

6. After you review the yearbook, remember to set it to Print Ready. If you do not set the book to Print Ready the books will not be printed.

Setting the Yearbook to Print Ready

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