Uploading Photos: Editors (Beginning from Shared Photos)

1. Log in and select Shared Photos.


2. Select Editor Only Folders.

Note: Uploading photos directly into Editor Only Folders ensures that only editors can see and use the photos in the yearbook.


3. Select the folder where you want to upload the photos. Select Add Folder to add a new folder if you need more folders to organize your photos.


4. Select Add Photos.


5. Drag and drop your photos or select a photo source.

  • Google Drive
  • Google Photos
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Instagram
  • My Computer
  • My Photos
  • My Likes
  • Shared Photos


6. If you are uploading the photo from My Computer or third party sources you will see the options to tag students and add a caption to the photo while uploading. Select Minimize to remove the box from view. The photos will continue to upload.


7. In Options you can see the photo details or delete the photo. Select Close when you are done.


You can also upload photos to Shared Photo Folders using the same steps as above.

Note: Uploading photos into Shared Photo Folders will allow everyone in the school community to see and use them in the yearbook (if they are on the yearbook team) and on custom pages.

1. Select Shared Photo Folders.Photos_-_Shared_Photos_-_Shared_Photo_Folders_Selection.png


2. Select the folder where you want to upload the photos.


3. Select Add Photos.









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    Adrianna Cofield

    I am unable to start laying out 18-19 yearbook

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    Hi Cofield - The yearbook for your school needs to be converted to the new school year. I see that you have contacted customer support and I will assist you there.