Moving, Resizing, Cropping, and Rotating Photos On Pages

After you have added a photo to a page you can adjust it to fit in the perfect spot. Click on the photo to open Image Options.

Moving the photo - Click on the photo and the curser will change. Drag the photo to a new location on the page.


Re-sizing the photo - Use the corner handles to re-size the photo without changing the orientation of the photo.


Cropping and stretching the photo - Use the handles in the middle of the top, bottom, and sides of the photo to crop and stretch the photo.


 Rotating the photo - Use the top handle on the top of the photo to rotate the photo.


For more Image Options, select Options or double click on the photo.


In Image Options/Edit you can:

  • Open and use the Photo Editor
  • Rotate the photo
  • Zoom the photo
  • Adjust Photo (Inline Crop) - Zoom the photo and then use the hand tool to move the photo within the frame to crop it the way you want
  • Remove the photo and convert it to a Drop Photo Here placeholder



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