Shared Folders - Copying and Moving Photos Between Folders

Sometimes photos are uploaded to the wrong folders or you want a photo in two folders. You may want to use a photo from a previous year. You can easily copy and/or move photos to other folders

Note: Only Chief Editors can copy/move photos to other folders.

1. Log in and select Community Content.


2. Select Go to Shared Photos.


3. Select Editor Only Folders or Shared Photo Folders.

Note: This is where you can filter by year to find a previous years' photo to add to a current year folder.


4. Select the folder where the photo is currently saved.


5. In Options select Move/Delete Photos.


6. Check the photo and select Move.


7. Select the Folder Type and the Destination Folder for the photo. Filter by year if needed. Check the box if you want to leave a copy of the photo in the current location. Select Copy.


If you are only moving the photo, uncheck the option to leave a copy in the current location. Select Move.


8. The photo has been copied and moved to the new folder. Select OK.






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