Sending, Receiving, and Requesting Signatures

The Signatures feature is where you can electronically sign your friend's yearbook with a personal message. And they can sign your yearbook!

Signatures must be added to custom pages if you want them printed in your yearbook. Here's how:

Adding Signatures to Custom Pages

Get started on your homepage. In the main area of your homepage scroll down to Get Yearbook Signed.


Sending Signatures

1. Select Sign a Friend's Yearbook if you want to send your Signature to someone.


2. Who is this Signature for? Type at least 3 letters of the person's name to search for the recipient of your Signature. Select the person to send your Signature.


3. You can send a photo or a sticker or a message with your signature. To include a message with a photo or sticker, select Add Photo or Add Sticker and add your message.


4. When you are done select Add.


5. Are you sure you want to send this Signature?

You are responsible for the content of this message. Please make sure it is:  appropriate, would not hurt anyone's feelings, something your teacher/parents would approve of and reflects how you want to be remembered for all time in your friend's yearbook. If you have added a written message you will see this message.

If you are sure you want to send this Signature, select I Approve this Signature.


6. Signature Preview - Select Send Signature.


7. Your Signature has been sent. Select OK.


Receiving Signatures

1. When someone sends you a Signature you will receive an email notification with the subject line:  Sweet! You got a signature for your yearbook. Click on the orange Check It Out button and it will take you to your TreeRing account.


You will see a notification on your homepage. Click on the notification to see the Signatures sent to you. The orange notification circle will disappear when you have reviewed all of the new Signatures.


2. Your Signatures page will open and will show the Signature in Received. All new Signatures will be marked New.

Remember to add any Signatures you receive to your custom pages. This is the only way they will print in your yearbook.


Requesting Signatures

1. Select Request a Signature if you want your friends to sign your yearbook.


2. Type at least 3 letters of the person's name to search for your friend. Select the person to request their Signature.


3. Select Send to send the request to your friend.


4. Your Signature request has been sent. Select OK.


5. Your friends will take the above steps to request a Signature from you. You will receive an email notification with the subject line: [Your Friend] wants you to sign their yearbook! Click on the orange Sign [Your Friend's] Yearbook button and it will take you to your TreeRing account.


You will see an orange notification circle and the number of requests on your homepage. The orange circle will disappear when you have reviewed the requests and the number will decrease when you send the requested Signatures.


6. When you click on the notification you will go to your Signatures page and see that you have a Signature Request. Select Send a Signature on the notification. This notification will disappear when you have sent a Signature.


Note: Currently you are not able to see all the Signature Requests you have sent.

On your Signatures page you can:

  1. Send and Request a Signature
  2. View the Signatures you have Received and Sent (click on the Signature to see who you sent it to)
  3. Filter to Show Signature Requests, Signatures Received, Not Placed and Placed (on Custom Pages)
  4. Filter by student
  5. Filter by year
  6. See if a Signature is New or has been Used on your custom pages



Note:  Here are the Signatures capabilities for Students and Parents:

  • Parents can send to/request from students (on behalf of their student)
  • Parents can send to/request from teachers (on behalf of their student)
  • Parents can NOT send to/request from administrators or others
  • Students can send to/request from students
  • Students can send to/request from teachers
  • Students can NOT send to /request from administrators and others
  • Students can receive Signatures and requests from teachers, administrators, and others



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  • Avatar
    Niri Bensadon

    I was trying to test the signature request, by sending from my son's page a request from my daughter (they both have customized pages). However, I did not get an email notifying me that there is a request. Also, My daughter sent a request to a couple of friends, but their moms did not get any email regarding it.

  • Avatar

    Hi Niri - I just sent a Signature request from your daughter to your son. You should have received an email notification. Please make sure that everyone is checking their spam folders.

    Edited by Debbie
  • Avatar
    Niri Bensadon

    Thank you, Debbie.
    Though, I did not receive any email notification....

  • Avatar

    Hi Niri - You need to make sure your notification for Receive Signatures is turned on. Here is an article about email notifications:

  • Avatar
    Niri Bensadon

    This was the problem! I don't know why everything was OFF, but I hope that the rest of my school has this option on.

  • Avatar
    Dwight Hulse IV

    When are signatures due for the 2019-2020 school year? Is it also May 9 like the custom pages? Thanks!

  • Avatar

    Hi Dwight - There is not a deadline for sending and requesting Signatures but they must be added to custom pages (if you want to do that) by the custom pages deadline set by the school. For your school the custom pages deadline is today 4/30/20.

  • Avatar
    Gabriella Rizzuto

    Do you need to add the signatures to the custom page?

  • Avatar

    Hi Gabriella - If you want the Signatures to print in your child's yearbook then yes you must add them to the custom pages. Here is an article about adding Signatures to custom pages:

  • Avatar
    Olivia Gossman

    I just customized my yearbook pages, but I still don’t know how to add signatures to my yearbook.

  • Avatar

    Hi Olivia - Signatures can only be added to custom pages for printing in your yearbook. Extra custom pages can be added if you need more room for the Signatures. Here are articles for 1. adding custom pages and 2. adding Signatures to custom pages:

  • Avatar
    Kristy Rodriguez

    Hi. Today is our schools yearbook deadline. I’ve sent requests to Both of my kids teachers but all teachers are stating they have not received any requests. Also, for my younger son, I did not find any of his classmates to be an option to request a signature from. I’m trying to figure this out ASAP as these signatures will need to be added into their yearbooks TODAY.

  • Avatar

    Hi Kristy - Teachers, parents, and students need to have Signature notifications turned on to get the requests. Here is an article which shows you how to confirm that you will receive the notifications:
    I will create a ticket so that I can get more info from you to help.