Two Easy Ways to Rock Your Yearbook Theme and Cover

We’re into that time of year where you’re in one of two places: You’re all pumped up because you have your theme picked out and it’s going to totally rock. Or you’re all bummed out because you can’t, for the life of you, pick out a theme.

Wherever you are, we’ve got some good stuff to help you rock your yearbook. So, let’s jump to it:

  • Pumped Up. Feeling good because you have your theme all picked out? Great. Take it to the next level and customize your cover. A lot of our schools do this, and we absolutely love the way they look. It’s easy to do in TreeRing
  • Bummed Out. You don’t need to be bummed out, because we have, quite possibly, the coolest, easiest way ever to pick out a theme: our theme selector tool. It’s brand new for this school year and is a blast to use. You can sort by your age group, the type of feel you’re going for, and, even the color type. Pretty cool, right? To try it, just log in, go to "Edit Book" and click "Select Theme."

Helpful Links

  • 320 Yearbook Covers And Counting. If you’re still looking for some yearbook cover inspiration, check out our Yearbook Covers Pinterest board. We’ve pulled together the coolest cover ideas out there (309 at the time we wrote this email, in fact). It’s a super cool resource and, besides, who doesn’t like Pinterest?
  • 238 Title Ideas for Your Yearbook (and Tips for Writing Your Own). Whether you've picked a theme or not, a title can take you a long way. We've compiled a pretty huge list for you to use.
  • Simplify Your Yearbook Cover Design Process. When you’re settling on a cover design, you’ve got a bunch of stuff to think about. Is it going to fit your theme? Are you going to create something people like? Those questions can freeze you in your place, but we have some advice on how to prevent that.
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    david mcguckin

    I would like to change our cover from a soft to a hard cover
    but can't seem to find out how to change my order..
    Thanks Linda

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    Hi Linda - Your order is for a hardcover book. You can check your order details in your Account Settings. Here is a link to an article in our Help Center which will help you see your order:

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    Melissa Campbell

    The link to "this video" returns an error message.

    The page you were looking for doesn't exist

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    Hi Melissa - We are updating all of our videos and apologize that they are not ready at this time.