Why Your Early School Year Marketing is So Important

The beginning of the school year can be hectic! This post on our blog will help you make the best plan for promoting the yearbook.  Back-To-School Marketing Strategies To Start Your Yearbook Sales Early.

It talks about a few strategies and tactics you should use at the beginning of the year to promote your yearbook (because “have a sale to increase the likelihood that someone will buy” doesn’t always work). It’s really worth a read, but, if you don’t have time, here’s a tip from the post:  

A killer sale is pretty enticing, but some people are more of a wait-and-see type. That means you’ll need to use other tactics to get them interested in the yearbook, like peer pressure and social proof. So, after you make your first huge chunk of sales, start working your sales numbers into your yearbook marketing. It’s hard to ignore the crowd.

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