Changing the Display of Student Names on Portrait Auto Flow Pages

When using Portrait Auto Flow, the names of the students will flow onto the pages along with the portraits. You can decide how you want the names displayed on the pages.

1. Go to the portrait page and select Portraits.


2. Portraits editing will open. Student Name must be enabled for the names to be displayed on the pages. Change the settings for the student names to have them displayed the way you want. The names will adjust accordingly based on your settings changes.

  • Student names can be displayed by Last/First, First/Last, or First Only and positioned on the bottom, top, outer, or inner sides of the photos.
  • Select the font and the size and color. Fonts can be bold, italic, and underlined.
  • Adjust the Line Height
  • Adjust the Letter Spacing


Note: If a student's name is very long and it wraps to a second line it may get hidden by the photo in the row below. You may want to change the student name display to Outer or Inner so that the names are on the side of the photos. You can also adjust the gap to have more room between photos by using the Advanced Portrait Auto Flow Settings. Here is an article explaining the advanced settings:

Advanced Settings for Portrait Auto Flow


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