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Can I still create custom pages if I have already bought my yearbook?

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  • Suzanne Herber

    Will the students name be printed on the yearbook? If so, how do you request the childs nickname and not their proper name?

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Suzanne,
    The student's name is printed on a removable sticker label that is attached to the cover. The student's first, last, grade and teacher (if in his profile) are all printed on the label.
    To have the name show his nickname change his first name to the nick name.

  • Leah Korican

    I bought a book for my son months ago and have the charge on my credit card. How do I get that to show on my account so he can customize his pages? Thank you!

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Leah,
    We show your son's book as paid. You'll notice a green check mark in the status box when you sign in. Another indication is that if you click Buy it will warn you that 1 book has already been purchased. Lastly, I tested print readying his custom pages and it shows as paid.
    In short, you're all good. :)

  • Kelly Hawkins

    I did not buy last year's book. I see I can still buy it now, but I can't find a way to add customized pages. I assume it is too late to do this. Correct?

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Kelly,
    You can customize previous year's pages as long as you haven't already customized and set them to print ready. Noah's pages were print readied last year which is why you only get the option to purchase.

  • Tori Koppelmaa

    My daughter did her pages but it shows we need to pay. I purchased the books on Friday. Please advise.

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Tori,
    Your order is corrected and applied to each of your three students.


    where do I look to see if my granddaughter already sent her
    custom pages to print?

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Yvonne,
    I checked for you and Ryan's pages are print ready. There is a green check mark next to Print Ready in the status area when you sign in. Nice work!

  • Heather Tyms

    I missed the deadline to customize pages for my daughter. Can I still customize and pay for shipping to my home? If so, when would I receive the book?

  • Aaron Greco

    If you pre-purchased the book you can not customize any longer because we are printing a non-custom book. If your deadline was recent you can click the print ready button to test if we've gone to print yet and if not you can customize and still get your book print ready.

    If you did not pre-purchase you can customize then click print ready and it will charge for shipping. You'll receive your book shortly after the school does.

  • Crystal Watson

    I purchased the yearbook already but after customizing the pages it is telling me I need to purchase again. Please share how to solve this issue.

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Crystal,
    I just tested your account and confirmed that you have purchased your book. Also, when I click the Print Ready button, I am not asked to pay for the book again. Just the green button with "Custom Pages Are Ready"
    Please let me know if you're still having the problem.

  • Sandra Holt

    I bought my book on March 1, but just finished my two pages today. When i click print ready it's asking to buy the book again. I already paid for my book. What should i do?

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Sandra,
    You've got two "Makayla"s in your account. One with the purchase and the other with the pages you customized. I removed the extra one and changed your purchase to the correct Makayla. You can print ready when you're ready.

  • Kelly Moore

    I have already purchased my yearbook but customized my 2 free pages a few days later. Trying to "print ready" but it wants me to purchase another book. Can you help? Doesn't show my previous purchase.

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Kelly,
    It looks we took care of you when you created a ticket with the link at the top.
    (FYI, since you were listed as a teacher, you ordered a book under your name rather than your daughter's account)

  • Cori Floyd

    My son's school includes a yearbook in their supply fee. I customized my son's pages, but now I can't set to print ready. It keeps trying to make me buy a yearbook.

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Cori,
    You'll need to contact the person in charge of the yearbook at your school. We can't mark as paid unless we get direction from the yearbook's Chief Editor.

  • Rami Nsour

    I'm hoping we made the deadline for the custom pages. It's just a few hours short of the deadline. Can you please confirm that my daughter's custom pages will be included in her yearbook? thank you!

  • Rosalind Santana

    once I purchase my book, if I need additional pages, can I add any additional pages after I purchase

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Rosalind,
    Yes you can. You'll be charged for the additional pages when you print ready. Be sure to print ready by your school's deadline.

  • Stephen Anes

    We were waiting for photos to upload and had to start over when they would not upload. We missed the deadline by about 45 minutes. Is there any way to still get the custom pages?

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Stephen,
    Try to set the pages to print ready ASAP. Your book most likely hasn't started printing.

  • Denisse Martinez-Barreras

    I have already purchased my yearbook but customized my 2 free pages a few days later. Trying to "print ready" but it wants me to purchase another book. Can you help? Doesn't show my previous purchase.

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Denise, it will depend on the status of your school's book. If we're already printing the books you'd need to purchase a new book to get it customized. The fact that is asking you to purchase another book indicates that they are already printing, but I created a ticket for you so we can check and be sure.

  • Laura Wojtalik

    I just missed the cutoff to do my customized pages. Can I still get them inserted? Cut off was 2 days ago

  • Debbie

    HI Laura - I see that your daughter's pages have been edited. I created a ticket in our support system so we can try to get them set to print ready for you.

  • Lea Roden

    Hi Aaron
    I left a message not too long ago and submitted an email as well! My yearbook is gone before the confirmed (by making a phone call at your office today) deadline which was supposed to be midnight tonight pacific time. I'm not sure what happened! The year book is gone!