Disabling My Child's Custom Pages

Creating custom pages is optional. You do not have to create them. You still need to place an order for your child's yearbook whether you create custom pages or not.

Please consider creating custom pages for your child. They are printed only in your child's yearbook. Your child will thank you for capturing special memories for their school year!

Note: If you have purchased your child's yearbook and have opened the custom pages, the 2 free custom pages will print in the book. Completed and partially completed custom pages will print in the yearbook. If you do not want custom pages printed in your child's yearbook, you need to disable them.

If you are sure you will not create the custom pages and do not want them printed in the yearbook, this is how to disable the custom pages:

1. Log in and select Build Custom Pages if you have not touched the pages to edit. Select Edit Custom Pages if you have gone to the pages to edit them.



2. Scroll down and select Try the Page Editor.


3. When you see the custom pages screen, change the button to I Don't Want Custom Pages. The pages will be disabled so you will not have the option to edit them.


4. If you change your mind, change the button to Print My Custom Pages.


5. On your homepage, you will see that the custom pages are disabled for your child. Select Click Here to turn them back on.







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  • Avatar
    Barbara Araya

    what will the standard yearbook consist of?

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    Hi Barbara,
    The yearbook is made by the school so each one can be different, but they usually consist of portraits of all the students and then event pages with highlights from most everything that happened throughout the school year.

  • Avatar
    Katrina Wyckoff

    What happens if it is set to "Yes" on the "Print Ready" box but they don't have any personalized pages completed? Do they still get the alternate pages or do the personalized pages come out blank?

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Jarvis

    I was not able to "customize?" Add pictures, but when I went to "review" did not see any "customizing." Personal pages came out blank as well. Help!

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    If they sent to "Print Read = Yes" they will get blank pages or whatever design is on the page. Print ready means they want them printed.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Greco

    I've created a ticket for you to get personalized help. We need to get more specific information to understand what is going on. Thanks for your patience!

  • Avatar
    Janice Narducci

    If student doesn't want to personalize pages can you have students name on front cover?

  • Avatar

    Hi Janice - Currently we do not have the option to add the student's name to the cover of a book.

  • Avatar
    Otto Steinbusch

    I don't want the personalized pages at all, not even a blank page. How do I do that?

    EDIT: I think by leaving the "print ready" switch to NO.

    Edited by Otto Steinbusch
  • Avatar

    Hi Otto - You do not need to do anything. When custom pages are not created the pages will not be blank in the printed book.