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COPPA Compliance - Website Usage Consent & Release Form for Students Under 13

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  • Jesus Posadas

    It looks like next year's contract has changed and now all students need the completed COPPA form. Can I ask how best to document receipt of the form on the website and how to restrict use of the file sharing/custom pages option for students who want to purchase a book but have not submitted the COPPA form?

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Jesus,
    FYI, we've always required COPPA compliance and haven't changed our contract language.
    The best way to restrict is to only enter the email address of students that are under 13 whose parents have signed the form. If you have any students that are under 13 and you don't have parent consent, please notify us and we can remove them immediately.

  • Meganne Elias

    Since we have 6th, 7th and 8th graders in our yearbook, do I need new consent forms each year (6th and 7th grade) or can they sign one in 6th grade that covers them until they turn 13 in 7th grade? I have a binder that I keep all of this information in behind my desk, within reach as I am asked to produce information.

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Meganne,
    When it comes to student data privacy it never hurts to be over-careful. I'd recommend getting a new consent form from the parent each year.

  • Liz Yukawa

    If you only have the parent email in the system, do you need the consent form?

  • Aaron Greco

    Hi Liz,
    No we do not. COPPA only applies to when a student under 13 is using the TreeRing website.

  • Sarah Lindau

    So, the consent does not need to be signed if the parent has the account only? It only needs to be signed if the child under 13 has their own email account in use with the website?

  • Debbie

    Hi Sarah - Yes, that is correct.