Editors Ordering a Personal Yearbook and Creating Custom Pages

As a student or parent editor, you should use the same email for both of your roles at the school. You have the capability of working on the core yearbook and creating custom pages when using the same email. Here is how to order the yearbook and edit your custom pages.

Student Editors

1. Log in and select My Yearbooks.


2. You will see the current year for the yearbook and your grade. Select Add to Cart to buy the book and Build Custom Pages to begin editing your custom pages.


Parent Editors

1. Log in and select Kid Yearbooks.


2. Your child's name will be at the top of the main area of your homepage. If you have more than one child at the school, you will see the kid switcher dropdown. Select the correct child for the order and select Add to Cart to buy the book. Select Build Custom Pages (Edit Custom Pages if you have already been working on them) if you want to create custom pages for the selected child.




Note:  When Chief Editors log in, you will land on Edit Yearbook. This is where you can buy a standard school yearbook (without custom pages). DO NOT order your child's personal yearbook here.

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