Setting Default Photo Styles

If you want the styling of photos to be the same throughout your book, you can set a default photo style. This setting allows you to set the default styling when adding new photos to a page. It will not affect any photos/photo boxes already on the pages.

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Style and Edit for Photo Styles.


3. You can adjust the default Visibility for the photos. The following options can be turned on to set the photo styles. After you make your selections, select Save.

  • Shape
  • Border
  • Shadow
  • Glow
  • Caption


Shape - In the dropdown select Edge Effects, Grades, Numbers, Letters, Shapes, Symbols, and Mascots to shape the photos.


Border - Adjust the Thickness, Visibility, Corner, and Color of the border around the photos.


Shadow - Adjust the Depth, Visibility, Angle, and Color of the shadow around the photos.


Glow - Adjust the Depth, and Color of the glow around the photos.


Caption - Set a default font for all photos with captions. Adjust the Size, Alignment, and Color of the font.


You can also create and save presets to apply your styles to particular photos.

1. Select Create New.


2. Enter the name of your new style preset. Select Create.


3. The new style preset is now available in the dropdown of style options. You can Rename or Delete presets. Select Save when your photo style preset selections are done.


4. To use the style preset, add a photo to a page and click on it (use Shift to select more than one photo). Select Options and Presets.


5. Select the preset you want to use and the photo will change to the defaults you previously set in the preset. You can also create a new preset from a photo you have already styled on a page by selecting Create New Preset from Selection.








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