Changing Deadline Dates

You may need to change your deadline dates. You can change the All Pages Print Ready Date and the Custom Page Ready Date in your Dashboard. 

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. In Dashboard you will see your current deadline dates in the Dates box. Click on the calendar for the All Pages Print Ready Date and choose a new date. Once you set a new print ready date you can change the Custom Page Ready Date.


3. When you change the All Pages Print Ready Date your Delivery Date will automatically update. Select OK.


Note:  If you are using Recognition Ads in the yearbook the deadline date will show and you can change it if needed.


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    Gloria Black

    Greetings, due to Covid-19 Our event for this year is being cancelled. However, we plan to continue our event in November 2021. I have been trying to change to date to reflect 2021. Please advise.

    Also we have a new email for our organization,
    Thank you for help. GBlack