Decreasing the Page Count of the Yearbook

If you will not be using all of the pages in your yearbook, you can decrease the page count in Edit Yearbook. 

When making the change:

  • Only Chief Editors can make this change online and only if no books have been sold.
  • Decreasing by 2 pages will reduce the cost $0.25 (pages can only be decreased in multiples of two).
  • If you have sold any yearbooks prior to decreasing the pages, you will need to contact Customer Support to have the change made for you. The price will not change for previously sold books.

1. Log in and select Yearbooks and Edit Yearbook.


2. Select Settings and change the number of Core Book Pages.


3. Review the details of your requested Page Count Decrease and select Decrease Pages.


4. The book price has been changed.


5. If books have already been sold you can't decrease the page count and will get this message.


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