Increasing the Page Count of the Yearbook

If you need more pages in your yearbook, you can increase the page count.

When increasing the page count of the yearbook:

  • Only Chief Editors can make this change online.
  • Each additional two page spread will cost $0.50 (pages can only be added in multiples of two).
  • If any orders have been placed prior to increasing the pages, an invoice will be applied to your account for the price difference and it must be paid before you can set the book to print ready. Here is how you can pay the invoice for page increases:    Paying Invoices

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


 2. Select Settings and change the number of Core Book Pages.


3. In the Page Count Increase box you will see the number of extra pages, the cost of the page increase, and the new price of the yearbook. If orders have been placed, you will see the number of orders to date and the amount of the invoice created for the price difference on the orders. If everything is correct, select Increase Pages.

If you do not want to apply the change, select Cancel.



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