Change Password or Get Account Activation Link for Users

As a chief editor you have the ability to change any user's password. You can also copy their activation link if a user is not receiving the TreeRing activation email to set up their account. Copy the activation link to paste and email directly to the user. You can also use this link to activate student editor accounts. Paste the link into your browser and then follow the account activation prompts.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select People and select:

  • Students & Parents for a student account
  • Teachers & Others for a teacher, staff, or administrator account
  • Yearbook Team for an editor account


3. Find the person in the list and click on the gear icon in the Actions column. Select Change Password or Copy Activation Link.


4. Change Password - Enter the new password and confirm it. Select Update.


5. Copy Activation Link - Click OK and the Activation Link will copy to your clipboard. Paste it either in an email to the user or in your browser to activate the account.


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