Adding an Individual Student to the School Community

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select People and Students & Parents.


3. Select Add Student.


4. Click on Add Individual Student/Parent.

5. Enter the student's First Name and Last Name (Middle Name is optional). Select the Teacher and Grade. If the student is 13 or older OR you have a signed parental consent form, check the box to add the student's email. Select Add a Parent if you have their name and email address. Select Continue if you can't add a parent at this time.

6. Add the parent email and select Search.

People_-_Add_Student_-_Add_Parent_Email.png7. If the parent is NOT already in the TreeRing community you will get the message No existing user could be found, please create a new one. Add the parent's first name and last name and check the Send Email Invite box if you want an invitation email sent to the parent. Select Create New Parent.

People_-_Add_Student_-_Add_Student_and_Parent_Info_and_Create_New_Parent.png8. This will take you back to Add Student where you should select Continue.

People_-_Add_Student_-_Back_to_Add_Student_and_Continue.png9. If the parent is already in the TreeRing community you will get the message Matched an existing user (Parent), parent name!. Select Add Parent and this will take you back to Add Student and select Continue.


You can upload an entire list of students all at once by using our template for a student roster. Here is an article for uploading a student roster.

Upload Your Student Roster


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