Shared Folders - Adding New Folders

Shared folders are photo folders which can be accessible to all or some of your school community. Only editors can add shared folders and determine who will have access to use them. The two types of shared folders are:

  • Shared Folders - these photo folders will be accessible to everyone in your school community
  • Editor Only Folders - these photo folders will be accessible to only Chief and Staff Editors


  • Only Chief Editors and Staff Editors can add Shared Folders and Editor Only Folders.
  • Only Chief Editors can delete Shared Folders and Editor Only Folders.
  • Only Chief Editors can move photos to different folders.
  • Only Chief Editors can change the folder type. This includes personal folders changed to shared folders and shared folders changed to personal folders.
  • Parents and Students can't delete photos from shared folders unless it is their own photo that they uploaded.
  • Parents and Students can't see if a photo has been used in the core yearbook.

To add Shared Folders:

1. Log in and select Community Content.


2. Select Go to Shared Photos.


3. Select Editor Only Folders or Shared Folders.


4. Select Add Folder.


5. Enter a name for the new folder and select Create.


6. The new folder is now available for photos.




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  • Avatar
    DeAnna Jacobs

    Hi! How can I create “Sub Folders” (a folder within a folder.)?

    I’ve created folders for each classroom in “Editor Only Photos”, and now I’d like to create sub-folders, so the volunteers from each classroom can organize their photos by event.

    Thank you so much!

  • Avatar

    Hi DeAnna - Currently we do not have sub-folders. You will need to set up Editor Only Folders for the classroom events.