Placing an Order With a Check or Cash From Parents

Sometimes online ordering is not convenient for parents. You can collect checks or cash at the school and place the orders for the students.

It is best to instruct parents to make their checks payable to TreeRing. When you collect the checks, if the student is not already in the school community, add them to the student list.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select People and Students & Parents.


3. Select Add Student to add the student and parent (if you have the parent's email) to the community.


3. To order for one student, select the cart in the Buy column in the student name line.

If a parent sends in one check for multiple children, select each child and in Actions select Purchase Softcover or Purchase Hardcover. This way one order can be placed with one check.


4. An invoice will be created for the books. You will see this message. Select View/Pay Invoice if you want to pay the invoice now with the parent's check. Select Close if you want to pay the invoice at a later time.


5. By selecting View/Pay Invoice you will be taken to Invoice Orders. You will see the order(s) you just placed. Select Pay Invoice if the invoice total matches the total of the order or Partially Pay if there is already an existing invoice balance.


6. If this is a partial payment, enter the amount of the check and select Continue to Payment.


7. Select Check as the payment method. Make sure the amount on the check matches the amount of the order.


8. Enter the following check information:

  1. Bank Name
  2. Account Type (Select Personal or Business)
  3. Ownership Type (Select Checking or Savings)
  4. Account Holder's First Name
  5. Account Holder's Last Name
  6. Routing Number (this is the number that identifies the bank)
  7. Checking Account Number
  8. Re-enter Checking Account Number
  9. Billing Address including City, State, and Postal Code


9. Once all the check information is entered correctly, select Place Order to pay for the invoice.


Reminder! Make sure you enter the routing number and the checking account number correctly in the correct fields during the payment process. Also, you cannot process a money order online. Incorrect account numbers and money orders will result in returned eChecks and the cancellation of orders.

The other payment options at the school are to have the parents make the checks payable to the school or PTA/PTO or cash payments. In these cases, you will collect the cash and checks and deposit them at the school. The school or PTA/PTO will then need to issue a check to TreeRing. This check can also be used as an eCheck to order the books online for multiple students. Orders can also be placed with a credit card.

Mailing the checks made payable to TreeRing directly to us is acceptable only if the other payment options do not work or if you have a money order. Please remember that all checks need to be received by us before your All Pages Print Ready Date. Receipt of the checks after your deadline may result in the order not being included in the bulk shipment or a production delay which can result in a delivery delay.

Mail the check to us making sure you include the name of the school, the name of the student and grade, and name and email of the parent.

TreeRing Corporation
217 S. B St.
San Mateo, CA  94401


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