Paying Invoices

As a chief editor you can place an order and pay for it by generating an invoice. All invoices must be paid in full before you set the book to print ready. Here are the options for paying invoices:

  1. Online with a Credit Card or PayPal. This is the recommended payment method as the payment will be applied to your account immediately.O
  2. Online with the Fundraiser. If you have collected a fundraiser on your orders you can use the amount collected to pay the invoice.
  3. Send a check to the TreeRing Offices. The check will be processed and applied to your account within approximately 24 hours after it is received. We must receive the check in enough time to process the payment before your print ready date. You will not be able to set your book to print ready if the payment has not been processed to pay the outstanding invoice.

Paying online with a Credit Card, PayPal, or Fundraiser:

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select Orders and Invoice Orders.


3. Select Pay Invoice.


4. Select Credit Card, or PayPal, or check the box to use your fundraiser. When all information is entered correctly, select Place Order to pay the invoice.


When using the Fundraiser you will see how much fundraiser can be applied to your invoice. If you want to make a partial payment with fundraiser funds follow the steps in this article:

Partial Payments for Invoices

Sending a check to TreeRing:

The check must be received by us prior to your All Pages Print Ready Date. Checks received after your print ready date will delay production and the delivery of your yearbooks. The check will be processed and applied to your account within approximately 24 hours after it is received. Send the check to:

TreeRing Corporation
Attn.: Billing Department
217 S. B St.
San Mateo, CA 94401

Print the invoice and include a copy with the check.

Accessing and Printing an Invoice







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