Placing Bulk Orders

You can place a bulk order two different ways. Determine which way works best for your school.

  1. The bulk order can be for a total number of standard books
  2. The bulk order can be for individual students or teachers

Placing a bulk order for standard books:

1. Log in and select Buy Standard Books for the current year.


2. You will be notified that you are placing an order for a NON-Custom Book. Standard books will not be assigned to a student and will not include custom pages. Select Order Non-Custom Book.


3. Select Soft Cover or Hard Cover. You will see both cover options if the book is set up as a softcover with a hardcover upgrade.


4. One book will be added to your cart. Select Checkout Now.


5. In Your Cart, change the quantity to the number of books you want to order. You can order a combination of softcover and hardcover books. In this example, the order is for 50 total books and 15 will be hardcovers. Make sure you remove the fundraiser from this order since these are books purchased by the school. When your order is correct, select Checkout.


6. Select the payment method and enter the necessary payment information. Select Place Order.


Placing a bulk order for students:

Here is an article on how to place an order for multiple students.

Placing a Bulk Order for Multiple Students





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    Ceci Morillo

    Can we add on orders to the invoice as we go along?

  • Avatar

    Hi Theresa - Yes, as a chief editor you can place multiple orders and use Invoice as the payment method. Remember that the total invoice needs to be paid before you can set the book to print ready.