Ordering PDF and Printed Proofs

Proofs are the best way for you to see how your yearbook is going to print.

  • PDF Proofs - You are allowed 99 free PDF Proofs throughout the year to use whenever you want. PDFs will have the TreeRing water mark on each page which cannot be removed. You may want to print or save all or some of the pages of the PDF.
    Printing PDF Pages: Open the file in Adobe Reader and choose the Print option. Once your printer options open, change the destination from the printer to Save as PDF. Save the pages on your computer. You can then print and/or email them for others to review.
  • Printed Proof - You are allowed 1 free Printed Proof. We suggest that you take advantage of the free printed proof so you can see exactly how the book will print. Make sure you order it in enough time to get it, review it, and make necessary edits to your yearbook before you set the book to Print Ready.

1. Log in and select Edit Yearbook.


2. In Status, select Order Proof.


3. Request either a PDF or the Printed Proof.


4. When you order a PDF Proof you will get this message. Click OK.


5. If you miss the email you can download the PDF in the proof order list. The PDF will initially show as In Production but will change to Download when the file is ready.


6. When you request the free Printed Proof you will be taken to Your Cart where you can confirm the order. Select Checkout.


7. Enter the shipping address for the printed proof and select Done.


8. Free UPS Ground shipping is the default selection. You can select and pay for expedited shipping for a quicker delivery of the printed proof. Select the shipping method and Done.

Note: When selecting a different shipping method, review the delivery estimate timeframe which includes the total production and transit times. The days are business days not including holidays.


9. Review the shipping address and shipping method and select Place Order.







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