Tagging Students in Photos

Tagging students in photos is a useful tool for two reasons:

  • Tagging enables you to search for the students' photos
  • Tagging can be used for a student index which can be added in the yearbook

Tagging can be done on an existing photo which has already been uploaded to shared photos/folders or it can be done during photo upload. You can tag more than one student in a group photo by adding the names until complete


  • Only Chief Editors can tag students in photos in shared photos/folders
  • Parents can tag their student in the photos they have uploaded to shared photos/folders
  • Teachers can be tagged in photos but not Administrators and Others

Tagging An Existing Photo: 

1. Log in and select Shared Photos in the side menu.


2. Select the Folder where the photo is located.


3. Select the Photo by clicking on it.


4. Click on Tags.


5. Start typing the name of the student in the Who's in this photo? box. Select the correct student from the roster list. Keep following this procedure until all of the students are tagged.


Tagging While Uploading a Photo:

Follow the steps in this article to upload your photo:

Uploading Photos - Editors

1. During the uploading process you will see the Add Photos box where you can tag a student who is already listed or add More Kids.


2. Start typing the name (at least 3 letters) and select the correct student from the roster list.



3. After you have tagged all the students, select Close.







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