Adding a Teacher to an Existing Student

A student can be added to the school community without adding a teacher. At a later time you may want to add a teacher to a student. To do this you must first have all of the teachers added in the community under Teacher & Others.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.

Editor_Tools_Selection.png2. Select People and Students & Parents.

People_-_Select_People_and_Students___Parents.png3. Click on the student's name or the Gear Icon under Actions. Select Edit.

People_-_Add_Teacher_to_Existing_Student_-_Name_and_Edit_Selections.png4. Select the teacher from the Teacher dropdown and then select Continue.

People_-_Add_Teacher_to_Existing_Student_-_Select_Teacher_Save.png5. The teacher will then show up for that student in the Students & Parents list.




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