Edit or Delete an Existing Student

If you are missing information about a student when you add them to the Students & Parents list, you can add the details at a later time. An existing student can also be deleted.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select People and Students & Parents.


3. Find the student in the list and in the Actions column, click on the Gear Icon to Edit or Delete.


4. In Edit Student you can:

  1. Edit the student's name
  2. Add or change the student's teacher (all teachers must be added to the Teachers & Others list before they can be added to a student)
  3. Change the student's grade
  4. Verify the student is 13 or older and add the student's email address
  5. Add the student's parent (you will need the parent's email)

Select Continue when the edits are done.


Optional ways to edit and delete a student

1. Edit - Click on the student's name to open Edit Student.


2. Delete - Check the box for the student and select Delete in Actions.


You can also delete multiple students at a time.

Delete Multiple Students





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