Re-Assigning an Order

Schools can purchase yearbooks with a bulk order. These books will be printed as standard yearbooks unless the Chief Editor re-assigns the yearbooks to particular students. Re-assigning the books is necessary if the students are creating custom pages. Re-assigning the order will mark students' accounts as paid and will ensure that the student gets a custom book (as long as they create the custom pages). Books can also be re-assigned to teachers and others.

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select Orders and All Orders.


3. Find the order number you want to re-assign and click on it.


4. In Order Details, click on the gear icon in Action and select Reassign.


5. You will see a list of everyone with an active role in the school community that is not a parent.

  1. You can search for a particular student.
  2. You will see the number of books you have to re-assign.
  3. The green check mark shows that a book has already been purchased for a student.
  4. Select the quantity of books to be re-assigned for each person. If the original order was for both hardcover and softcover books, you can choose what type of book to re-assign.


6. After the books have been correctly re-assigned, select Re-Assign Order.


7. Confirm that the books are assigned to the correct students and select OK.


8. The books have been successfully re-assigned and select OK.


You will now see the re-assigned books in the Order Details and the students are now marked paid in the Students & Parents list.


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