Earning Free Books

There are two ways to earn free books for your school:

  1. Promotions - Earn free books by meeting the sales requirements by the dates listed on Free Books in Promote on the side menu. Once the requirements are met your account will automatically be credited with a free standard book.
  2. Referrals - Spread the word about TreeRing! Earn free books by referring other schools to TreeRing. The school will need to sign up with your code and purchase at least one book for you to earn the free book(s).  See the details on Refer a School in Promote on the side menu .

Check to see what you can do to earn free books and how many you have earned:

1. Log in and select Editor Tools.


2. Select Promote and Free Books.


Note: The unused free book coupons will not carry over when you re-sign for the next school year. When your account converts to the new school year you will not see your previous coupons under Free Books. You should keep the emails with the coupon codes or write them down so you can use them the next year. The coupons will expire if you do not use them within one year of the date they were issued.

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