Dates & Deadlines Overview

Chief Editors need to be aware of the following deadlines and change them if necessary.

Custom Page Ready Date:

Parents and students buying a yearbook and creating custom pages will see only this deadline. This is the deadline for their books to be purchased and for completion of their custom pages. Orders can be placed after this date but the parent will be charged a shipping fee. This date is defaulted to 3 weeks prior to the All Pages Print Ready Date because:

1. It allows editors to have time to review all the custom pages before setting the book to print ready.

2. It allows editors to extend the Custom Page Ready Date up to the All Pages Print Ready Date. This gives parents and students more time to purchase the book and create their custom pages.

Note: The Custom Page Ready date is not relevant if custom pages are disabled for your school. It does not matter what this date is showing when custom pages will not be created.

All Pages Print Ready Date:

Chief and Staff Editors working on the core yearbook will see this deadline. This is the final deadline for the core yearbook to be set to print ready so that the books are received by the delivery date.  ALL orders must be placed and paid for by this date. These orders will be included in the bulk order with free shipping to the school.

If more time is needed to complete the book, Chief Editors can extend the date knowing the Delivery Date will change as well.

Delivery Date:

This is the guaranteed date that the yearbooks will be delivered. The Delivery Date is based on the All Pages Print Ready Date.

Chief Editors can see all the important dates on their Dashboard. Select Editor Tools to see the Dashboard option.



Note: If you are using Recognition Ads in the yearbook the deadline date will show and you can change it if needed.

If you change your All Pages Print Ready Date the Delivery Date will automatically update.



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