Downloading and Using the iPhone App - Editors

We have a new version of our TreeRing iPhone App. Check out this parent article for the details.

Downloading and Using the iPhone App - Parents & Students

Editors have an added capability on the app that parents do not. You can add photo folders and upload photos to Editors Only folders. (Parents can add photos only to Shared Folders or keep them private.)

After you have selected a photo(s) to upload and selected Yes - I want to share you will see your school(s) and selections for All Shared Photos and all of the shared folders including Editors Only folders. You can also add a New Folder by selecting the green circle with the + sign.


Here is a summary of what's new with the iPhone App:

  • Parents and students can create custom pages for the current school year and for previous school years.
  • The custom pages can have up to 4 photos per page and the background will be white. If they want more detail on the pages, they will need to log into TreeRing on a computer and edit them. If they access the pages on a computer, they will not be able to continue to edit them on the app.
  • Parents and students can add and pay for extra custom pages.
  • Books will be added to a shopping cart for purchasing. Current and previous years' books can be purchased.
  • The parent navigation bar is the same as the one they will see when they log into TreeRing on a computer. They can view their orders in My Orders in the app but orders can't be canceled. They will need to log in on a computer to cancel an order.
  • Payment on the app can be made with Apple Pay, PayPal, and a credit or debit card.
  • Up to 100 photos can be added at one time.






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