Downloading and Using the iPhone & Android Apps - Parents and Students

We have new versions of our TreeRing Mobile Apps. You can order a yearbook for the current school year, upload many photos at the same time, create custom pages, order a book for a previous year, and much more!

Download the iPhone App in the App Store. Download the Android App in Google Play.


The app icon looks like this:


When you open the app you can:

  1. Log in with Google - Use your Google log in to log into your existing TreeRing account
  2. Sign In - Use your email address and password to log into your existing TreeRing account
  3. Forgot password? - Reset your password
  4. Sign Up - If you have not created a TreeRing account on your computer you can do it here


Sign Up for an Account

1. Select Sign Up. In the box I'm a Student or Parent, select Sign Me Up.


2. Enter the passcode for your school. (The yearbook editor at the school will provide the passcode to you.)

Don't have your school's passcode? Select Click Here. We take privacy seriously and you will need to complete a form so we can verify your information.


3. Select Confirm after you enter the passcode. On the next screen enter your first name, last name, email address, password, and select your role at the school. Select Get Started.


4. Select Yes to verify that you are at least13 years old.


5. Add your student and select Next. (Middle Name and email are optional.)


6. Select or add the correct School, then add Grade and Teacher. Select Next.


7. Select Add Student if you need to add another kid. If you signed up as a parent in error you can change your role. Confirm your information and select Next.


8. Welcome to TreeRing! Select Let's Go to buy the yearbook.


9. Select Checkout to buy the yearbook. Select Buy Later if you don't want to buy the book now.


10. You have now successfully set up your account. After buying the yearbook or selecting Buy Later you will be taken to your home screen.


Forgot Password

If you can't remember your password, select Forgot Password?. Enter your email address and select Reset Password. A new password will be sent to you.



Sign In

If you already have a TreeRing account, log in and you will be taken to your home screen. You'll be able to see:

  1. School name
  2. Year for the yearbook
  3. Your child's name
  4. The deadlines for buying the book and completing custom pages
  5. Access to your profile and the side navigation bar


You'll be able to:

  • Add to Cart - to purchase the yearbook
    Scroll to:
  • Build Custom Pages - to create custom pages
  • Create a Yearbook Ad (if your school is including ads in the yearbook)
  • Order a yearbook for a previous year

Buy Yearbook

1. Select Add to Cart.


2. Select Soft Cover or Hard Cover. (You will not see this option if your school has selected only softcover or hardcover for the yearbooks.)


3. The book has been added to your cart. Select Checkout Now if you are ready to pay for the book. Close the Checkout Now box by clicking on the X in the upper right corner if you want to order more books.


4. Scroll to order a yearbook for another child at the same school. If you want to order a book for a child at a different school, select the menu to open the side navigation bar. Click on the name of the school. You will see the name of your other child to Add to Cart for their book.



Check Out

Once you are done adding all the books to your cart you are ready to checkout. Review your cart, making sure that your children's names match with the correct school and the school year is correct for each book. You can remove a book from your cart or change the options for a book. When your cart is correct, select Checkout and follow the prompts to pay for your book(s).





If you are ordering the current yearbook before the deadline, you will see that the book is being shipped to the school and there is no shipping charge. If the school is having all orders shipped to homes, or if you are placing an order after the deadline or for a previous year's book, you will need to enter your shipping address and select a shipping method. The shipping charge will be added to your cart.

Note: $4.99 is the set shipping fee when schools are having books shipped to homes. You will be able to select your preferred shipping method for after deadline orders and orders for previous years' books.


Select Credit Card, Check or PayPal. After you have entered the information for your payment method, review the itemized costs for your order and select Place Order.


Order Confirmation:

You will see a notification with your order number. A receipt for your order will be emailed to you. Select OK.



On your home screen you will see that it shows the yearbook has been purchased. You can view your order in My Orders.



Uploading Photos to Shared Folders

Shared photo folders are set up by the yearbook editors to help organize photos for the yearbook. Here is how to upload photos to Shared Folders:

Uploading Photos to Shared Photo Folders

Uploading Private Photos

1. Select the menu in the upper left corner.


2. Select My Photos.


3. Begin the photo uploading process by selecting Add Photos or the folder where you want the photo saved.

  • My Private Photos - only you will be able to see and use these photos
  • My Shared Photos - these photos will be shared with the school community
  • All My Photos - these are all the photos you have uploaded whether private or shared


4. Select the photo source where your photo is located.


5. Select the photo(s) that you want to upload and select Add Photos. Then choose if you want to share or keep 'em private.


6. The photo(s) will show in All My Photos and in the private or shared folder.



TreeRing Tip:

While on the app, press and hold an image to see it full size.

Creating Custom Pages

On the home screen, scroll to the Create 2 free Custom Pages section. You will see the deadline for completing the pages. Select Build Custom Pages.
















Can't find your answer in our Help Center? Our agents are available to assist you Monday - Friday from 6AM to 6PM Pacific Time.

(877) 755-TREE

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